Product name: ethylene glycol,

Formula:   HOCH2—CH2OH


Physical and chemical properties: glycol is colorless, sweet and viscous liquid. Freezing point: - 12.6 ℃; boiling point: 197.3 ℃; flash point: 111.1 ℃; ignition point: 418 ℃; viscosity: 25.66 MPa. S (16 ℃). It can be mixed with water in any proportion. It can react with inorganic or organic acids to form esters. It reacts with alkali metal or alkaline earth metal to form alkoxide. It is easy to be oxidized. With the different oxidants or reaction conditions, various products can be produced to make new wall materials

Usage:EG is one kind of important organic chemical .It could be used in the production of polyester fiber、polyester resin、antifreeze、adhesive、painting、luburating、plasticizer、surfactant and polyester polyols.

Package: iso tank.

and diesel additives fields .  

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