• Product Name: N-methyl-pyrrolidone, which is written “NMP” for short.


    Molecular formula: C5H9NO.


    Properties: NMP, which is a liquid with little ammonia odor, can mix with almost all solvents such as ethyl alcohol, acetaldehyde, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorohydro carbons etc. Its boiling point is 204℃ and flash point 95℃.


    Quality Standard: Enterprise standard


    Electronic grade

    Pharmaceutical grade

    Industrial grade

    Purity %




    Chroma Hazen




    Density g/ml









    Usage: As a high-selective polar solvent and nitrogen heterocycle compound, NMP has such advantages. As a high-selective polar solvent and nitrogen heterocycle compound, NMP is mainly used in such fields as:

    (1) As solvent of poly(1,1-difluoro-Ethene), or electrode's accessory material of lithium ion battery;

    (2)As remover liquid of photoresist; in the production of LCD materials;

    (3)As solvent in pharmacy;

    (4)Cleaning of precision instruments and circuit board;

    (5)Extraction and recycling of organic raw materials in petrochemical industry;

    (6)Refining of lubricating oils;

    (7)As solvent of polymers and in polymerization;

    (8)As solvent of resin processing in the manufacture of coatings, lacquer for floor, varnish, compound coating filming, enameled wire of IC, fiber fabrics and adhesives, etc.

    (9)As industrial-use detergents in the cleaning of chemical equipments, stem, adhesive material and coatings etc.

    (10)As solvent and dispersant in the production of pesticides and pigments.


    Package: Galvanized iron drums of 200kgs, IBC tank of 1000 Litre and ISOTANK


    Storage and transport: Keep it in shady, cool and ventilation warhouse, far away from fire and heat source, separate from oxidizer. Be cautious of loading and unloading. Prevent package form damage. Avoid leakage.


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